Pauline Agassiz Shaw School

Image: I was playing the Word Work game with Charrod. I was reading a word so I could go forward when it was my turn. I’m learning new words and how to spell them. I’m also learning my numbers and how much they add up to, like 3 + 4 = 7. ~Hannan Nur, K2

The Pauline Agassiz Shaw is a new school in an old building, reopened just this year with six K0-K2 classes. This seems very appropriate since the school is named after a woman responsible for funding the first kindergarten classes in Boston! Located just off Morton Street in Dorchester, the Shaw will become a K-5 school […]

William Monroe Trotter Innovation School

Image: We were listening and watching our teacher, who was showing us a new number game. We are learning how to measure with different objects like cubes and straws and crayons. We're also learning to put things in shortest to longest order. ~Ms. Irizzary's 1st Graders

The William Monroe Trotter Innovation School serves 400+ students, K-6, with plans for expanding to 8th grade over the next couple of years. Built in 1969, its unusual design consists of five interconnected two-story buildings stretched along Humboldt Avenue in Roxbury. Classrooms in each hexagon-shaped pod surround a sunken central area, where grade level gatherings […]

Condon Elementary School

Image: This was dance class with Ms. Martin. We were practicing a dance for “Ring Around the Rosie” where we all fall down. We’re learning how to do dance moves all together. ~Shayene Noel & Dmiya Louis, K1

With very little notice and just a week before giving PARCC tests, administrators and teachers at the Condon welcomed me to their school. Just off Broadway in South Boston, Condon Elementary School serves approximately 800 students in grades K1-5. Monique Bynoe, a K1 Inclusion teacher, says she loves the supportive staff and the diversity of […]

Brighton High School

Image of We were working on a problem in our Senior Math Seminar, an alternative to AP Calculus. This year we’ve learned how to figure out percentages, how to analyze scatter plots, and how to graph equations to find rates of change. ~Ernst Dominique, Gideon Jeanty & Lory Cadeau, Grade 12

An imposing pale stone fortress, Brighton High School sits high on a hill behind St. Elizabeth Hospital. Serving over a thousand students, it still manages to create a “small school” atmosphere in classes where teachers pay attention to individual needs. Many of the students are immigrants and in need of intensive ESL instruction; I talked […]

Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School

Image of Oliver Wendell Holmes Music Class

The Holmes Elementary School sits inside a triangle of one-way streets in a residential area of Dorchester not far from Franklin Park. Beautiful tiles adorn the walls of the first floor corridor featuring children’s names and drawings from 1991, when the school was renovated. The Holmes serves 326 students, the overwhelming majority being Black or […]

Rogers Middle School

The Rogers, one of only five middle schools left in Boston, is right off Hyde Park Avenue near River Street. It”€™s a three-story brick building with no elevators “€“ great exercise for teachers and students, if a bit of a challenge for me! ELA teachers Barbara Keller and Kathleen McGonigle invited me to do a […]

Haley Pilot School

On a beautiful June day several years ago I went for a walk around Jamaica Pond and found Haley School fifth graders launching the boats they”€™d built during the year with John Rowse “€”

Boston Adult Technical Academy

Boston Adult Technical Academy”€™s mission is to meet the needs of students aged 19-22 who have recently entered the US or returned after dropping out of school. 60% are English Language Learners, and I talked with several who had recently come from Haiti, Algeria, or the Dominican Republic. In recognition of their success with meeting […]

Curley K-8 School

The Curley K-8 School in Jamaica Plain serves nearly 900 students; nearly half are English Language Learners, mostly from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and more than 25% have significant learning disabilities. I have been volunteering regularly at the Curley since retirement and feel blessed to be part of this school community. It was […]

Ellison-Parks Early Education School

The Ellison-Parks Early Education School, just one block from busy Mattapan Square, sits on a quiet tree-lined street with plenty of room to park! A compact brick building dedicated in 1998, it houses just twelve classrooms “€“ one SEI and one Inclusion class at each grade level, K0-3. A daily message greets all who enter, […]