Nikki McMaster, “Coach Mac” to all of her favorite humans, is the Health & PE teacher at the Blackstone Elementary School. This year the Blackstone school was “BLESSED” with a Food Corps member to help promote nutrition education and wellness in and out of school. From Coach Mac:

“One resource Ms. Stacy shared was a cooking demonstration for Cinco De Mayo from a company called eat2explore. They have meal kits for different countries, and this seemed so fun. Ms. Stacy reached out to them and we organized a way to make it affordable and accessible with some grant money we had. We also reached out to some other partners like the Daily Table and Revolution Foods. With all of this beautiful collaboration, we put together kits for Blackstone families to come and pick up.”

Each kit contained:

  • dry ingredients and spices you need to cook 3 different recipes
  • a sticker & pin
  • a pastry press and fun education materials on the country of Brazil
  • grow kits with planters, seeds and soil to start home gardens
  • tons of fresh produce to complement the Brazilian recipes

“I collected a LOT of collard greens at my school! I helped my aunt chop it up and cook it for our family. I got seeds at school, too, and I planted beans and chickpeas. I learned that the chickpea roots get so long that now we have to plant it in dirt. I miss my teacher and my friends!” ~ Ariel Lee, Grade 1

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