Educators begin this year with the highest hopes for our students’ academic achievements and holistic progress. Our responsibility to students does not begin when they enter our schools in the morning, nor does it end when they exit our doors at the end of each day.

As teachers, we recognize the individuality of each student. There is no “standard” or “average” Boston Public Schools student. As an urban district, we welcome children who come to us with a vast array of strengths and challenges. This includes different learning styles, skills, and abilities. For some children, it also includes a history of trauma. Many of our students may also experience economic challenges, housing instability, and food insecurity.

We must make sure every one of our students comes to school ready to learn, so these challenges do not hamper their success or curb their potential and intrinsic gifts. As such, we are resolute in our belief that we must level the playing field and reduce the inequities that we all know persist among our schools.

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