Boston Public Schools is looking at solutions for its maximum age restriction, so students in the alternative education programs celebrating their 22nd birthday don’t have to immediately leave the school system.

Currently, BPS requires that students can only be enrolled in school until their 22nd birthday, even if that date is before the completion of the semester. While a majority of these students were housed at the Boston Adult Technical Academy, there are students in the district who fit the criteria, which is why the School Committee wants to create a uniform policy for all the schools.

“Any policy that designates the end of a K-12 public education system, that line needs to be drawn somewhere, and be drawn equitably,” said Interim Superintendent Laura Perille at Wednesday night’s School Committee meeting. “…I do want to be clear — If that 22-year-old birthday hits at the wrong time for any one student, it is heartbreaking and challenging, but it is a substantial obligation and commitment that this district and this city, and all of you (School Committee members), and our policies commit to many students.”

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