Two BPS schools have been awarded grants to replicate the program at the Edwards School. The Superintendent is proud of those schools’ success, as we are. As the Superintendent’s press release stated:

“Boston Public Schools (BPS) Superintendent Carol R. Johnson announced the Irving Middle School in Roslindale and the McCormack Middle School in Dorchester have been selected to participate in project funded by a highly competitive federal grant that will allow for a newly expanded school day at both schools. The grant will allow both schools to replicate the successes of schools like the Edwards Middle School in Charlestown “€” a nationally heralded model of the use of expanded learning time…”

We agree with the Superintendent that that Edwards is worth replicating. But why then does her negotiating team call for the elimination of the program? Here’s their proposal:“Delete Appendix G (p. 254-255)”


Appendix G is the section in our current contract that allows for the creation of the Extended Learning Time Program at the Edwards, Umana, and the Timilty MiddleSchools.(*)

Edwards School in Charlestown
Why does the school department team wish to have this section deleted? First,  staff get paid for all their time at all three schools. Second, participation for permanent teachers is voluntary.

Under the Superintendent’s extended day proposal which she wants to replace Appendix G, the first 1/2 hour of the extended time is unpaid, and as much as 3 1/2 hours can be mandated by the call of the principal.

(*) The state has just pulled the extended learning time funding from both the Timilty and the Umana based on their test scores. We decry the state’s shortsighted view of what makes a good school.