The work of the 2019 Legislative session truly begins Monday afternoon when Democratic leaders from the House and the Senate meet with Gov. Charlie Baker to discuss the agenda for the coming months. There’s an uncustomary sense of agreement between the branches about what that agenda should be. However, there’s little indication Beacon Hill’s Big Three will find easy compromise on just how to tackle the big-ticket items of education funding and health care costs.

You could be forgiven if that particular policy menu sounds familiar, as it’s identical to the list of items lawmakers tried to pass laws on at the end of last year’s session.

But don’t expect Democrats to lunge headfirst into floor debates over rewriting how, and how much, funding goes to local school districts. Holding your breath while the Legislature comes up with ways to slow the advance of health care from strangling state finances is also not advisable. That’s because the all-important budget comes first on Beacon Hill’s calendar.

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