Published On: November 12, 2020
Dear member,

We are writing to share as much timely information we can about the developments in the last 48 hours or so. Much continues to evolve quickly and even in the next hour new information may become known, but in the spirit of trying to keep everyone as informed as possible and to help stymie the spread of misinformation we wanted to let you know what we do know:

  • On Tuesday, we gave BPS a counterproposal. Despite our efforts to make compromises, BPS rejected all new aspects of that proposal and re-shared their previous proposal from Monday. Unfortunately, that proposal did not come close to meeting the necessary safety and instructional standards we had shared previously at our Sunday membership meeting-standards which were supported by BTU educators in attendance and strongly supported in our subsequent survey of BTU members.

  • That same night, Tuesday, Nov 10, we called for an emergency meeting with Building Reps from all four of the most immediately impacted schools. During that meeting, we shared the latest updates and got feedback from the reps. We agreed that we could not accept the conditions BPS proposed.

  • We let BPS know of our response. The superintendent said they would be reopening the four schools regardless of whether or not we have an agreement, under their managerial rights.

  • We offered to continue to negotiate and have told the district we are willing to hear any counterproposals and offer solutions.  We think it would be in the interest of everyone to have a mutual agreement on outstanding issues including reasonable assurances: safe air ventilation standards, clarity on PPE being provided, collaborative staffing solutions, and a real effort to replace simultaneous instruction with better instruction.

  • As of the delivery of this email, it is our understanding that no one has been directed in yet – the schools will be staffed with only educators who voluntarily opt-in.  We have not objected to BTU members voluntarily reporting. If BTU educators are directed in, our response to the situation may change.

  • Our building by building and member by member communications are continuing. Please ensure you contact your building rep to discuss the situation. We will only call an emergency membership meeting if it is clear that we need to.   

We continue to work closely on a daily basis with the reps at the four schools most immediately impacted and will share more information with the larger membership if there has been any significant change to report.

BTU Officers and Staff

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