Published On: April 6, 2017

Educators share their problems of practice and give each other feedback at the 2017 BTU-BPS Professional Learning Grants Convening on October 18, 2017.


The BTU-BPS School Based Professional Learning Grant provides educators a voice in identifying their areas of need and shaping their own learning in response.  It is an opportunity for educators to come together around the specific needs their school community is confronting, and design a professional learning proposal that enables teacher leaders to seek, design, and even deliver professional development that will directly impact teaching and learning at their school site.

  • Boston International and Newcomers Academy worked to identify the most promising reading instruction and intervention strategies for secondary ELL students.
  • Charlestown High School studied and implemented competency-based, personalized education in our classrooms to ensure that students master core concepts and skills and stay on track to graduation.
  • Mozart Elementary implemented a teacher-driven professional learning plan to equip teachers to take a critical, anti-racist stance when making choices during ELT guided reading instruction.
  • Orchard Gardens Pilot School implemented a common language among students and teachers to develop a school culture that encourages student autonomy, competence, and a feeling of connection between staff and students.

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