It’s everyone’s hope in retirement to be secure and worry-free. Unfortunately, this is not the case these days. We are facing extremely tough times both economically and politically, and there is much uncertainty and anxiety about what the future holds for working people.

We encourage all retirees to maintain your ties with the union and your colleagues by joining the Retired Teachers Chapter (RTC) of the BTU. Your monthly dues deduction ($5.00 for teachers and $2.50 for paras) will usually start a month after we receive your application for membership. Our membership year runs from September 1 through August 31.

You can receive your information packet with an application for membership by calling 617-288-2000 any Wednesday or Thursday between 10 AM and 2 PM. You can also fill out your application on this site and read about us. You must fill out an application to become a member. It is not automatic simply because you are retired. You must have a retiree number in order to become eligible. We encourage you to keep informed and stay involved. Check out the links below.

To apply for membership in the Retired Teachers Chapter, complete our online form.

Benefits of Membership

See below for some of the many benefits of RTC membership.

Retired Teachers Chapter Scholarships

Each year the Retired Teachers’ Chapter of the Boston Teachers’ Union awards three scholarships to deserving high school seniors who are the children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, grandnieces or grandnephews of RTC members.  One of these scholarships is earmarked for a student who chooses to attend a vocational school or equivalent institution. Applications for these scholarships can be downloaded from the BTU website. The deadline to apply is April 16, 2022.  Envelope must be postmarked by this date.

Participants must be paid-up members of the BTU Retired Teachers Chapter for two full consecutive years before becoming eligible for this benefit. There will be no coverage for spouses or any other dependents, only for retired Teachers and Paraprofessionals.

Eye examinations are not included in this benefit. Members are expected to furnish their own prescription from their own doctor in order to obtain eyeglasses. Eyeglass prescriptions must be complete, signed, dated and be less than one year old unless the prescription is dated for 2 years

The eyeglass benefit will consist of one complete pair of single vision or bifocal eyeglasses. The standard category of frames is available in this program at no cost to the members. The benefit will include designer Metal frames at no cost to the member. The co-payment for Premier frames ($40.00) will still be in effect. All lens enhancement options that are available to Teachers and Paraprofessionals, are available to RTC members, with a co-payment for the upgrade items.

Members are allowed to use their own frames for this benefit in lieu of receiving a frame from the Eye Care Center for their benefit, if they so choose, as long as the Eye Care Center staff agrees that the member’s own frame is in good enough condition and is a prescription quality frame.

The RTC eyeglass benefit does not cover repair or replacement of damaged, lost or stolen eyeglasses. The Eye Care Center  staff will adjust and help you maintain your eyewear if possible, but will not be able to provide any additional or replacement/repair parts for your eyeglasses

Eyeglasses will be provided not more frequently than once in any 24 month period. This benefit applies only if there is a change in prescription.

Members of the RTC, who have been active dues paying members for at least 12 months, may purchase additional pairs of eyeglass through the Eye Care Center’s Eyeglasses Purchase Program.

The Eye Care Center will be available for Retirees only by appointment. Appointments may be scheduled from September through June from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except for school vacation periods. To schedule an appointment to order or pick up your  eyeglasses or to check on your eligibility you may call the Eye Care Center at 617-288-5540.

All visits to the Eye Care Center are by appointment only.

All payments for Eyeglasses can be made by checks, money orders, or by credit/debit cards.

Members covered by another BTU group plan or who have duplicate coverage are not eligible for eyeglasses through this benefit.

Full or partial coverage for most dental procedures provided by the Delta Dental Plan at a reasonable monthly fee. Click here to view the procedures covered by the Delta Dental Plan. For additional information, contact the RTC.

Medical Insurance (other than that which is provided by the city)
FY2021 Medicare Plan Comparison Chart
FY2021-FY2022 Rate Comparison – Medicare Plans
For further information call: 1-800- 272-4AFT

Complimentary Luncheon: Once a year a complimentary luncheon for our members is held. Members are invited to bring a guest at the fee established by the RTC board.fee.

Publications: The Boston Union Teacher newspaper (ten times a year)

Membership Meetings: Two times a year. Each fall and spring, an open membership meeting is held in the morning. A guest speaker is invited; coffee and light refreshments are served.

Travel trips: Designed by and for our members.

Scholarships to deserving high school seniors who are children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews of RTC members.

We now have a discount hearing aid benefit. Call us and we will explain how the program works.

Resources for Retirees

Check out our list of retiree resources, and feel free to share others with us!

Retiree Events

There are no events scheduled. Check back later!