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About the Boston Teachers Union

The Boston Teachers Union proudly represents more than 10,000 teachers and other professionals including school nurses, psychologists, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, and substitute teachers.

Together, we advocate for the interests of students, parents and education professionals throughout the Boston Public Schools and beyond. We support investment in public education to ensure a stronger future for our students and our city. As a union of educators, we are part of a movement that seeks to improve the quality of life for all working people. We are united against all forms of prejudice and bigotry that would seek to devalue the lives or liberties of our students, families or colleagues.

Union Membership

Being a member of the Boston Teachers Union affords you representation in all matters related to work, a competitive wage scale, professional development opportunities, access to a Health and Welfare Plan, and much more. Our union works with the community to ensure our schools are the best as they can be, promote the strengthening of public education, and ensure adequate funding to support improvements in public education. We are also proud to work through COPE (the Committee on Political Education) to elect pro-public education, pro-union candidates.

Officers and Staff

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Jessica Tang



Erik Berg

Executive Vice-President


Karen Cross


Lea-Antoinette Serena

Elementary Field Rep.

Caren Carew

Secondary Field Rep.

Colleen Hart

Paraprofessional/ Substitute/
ABA Field Rep.

Jennifer Doe

Field Rep, City on a Hill School

Paul Tritter

Director of Professional Learning

Johnny McInnis

Political Director


Katie DeLaRosa

Inclusive Education Liaison

Brenda Chaney

Parent and Community Liaison

Natalia Cuadra-Saez

Director of Organizing

Erica Kouka


Katina McClain


Brendan Deady

Communications Assistant

Marilyn Marion

Chairman, RTC

Roslyn Avant

Vice Chair, RTC

Joan Devlin

Secretary, RTC

Mae Bishop

Treasurer, RTC


Natasha Moore

Admin Assistant


Michelle Frank

Admin Assistant

Kendall Mosley

Admin Assistant

  • Brenda Chaney (Retired)
  • James (Timo) Philip (Retired)
  • Michael Maguire (Boston Latin Academy)
  • Alice M Yong (Retired)
  • Robert P Carroll (Retired)
  • Allison Doherty (Fenway High School)
  • Caitlin Gaffny (Tobin, Maurice K-8)
  • CasSandra Samuel (Curley K-8)
  • Nicole Mullen (Boston Arts Academy)
  • Matthew Ruggiero (Charlestown High School)
  • Cecil Carey (Charlestown High)
  • Kafunda Banks (Curley K-8 School)
  • CasSandra Samuel (Curley K-8)
  • Vanessa LaRocque (Madison Park)
  • Christine Buttiglieri (Retired)
  • Adrianne Jordan (Sumner Elementary)
  • Debra Brown (Kenny Elementary)
  • Sharon O`Dwyer (Lee, Joseph K-8)
  • Todd Kerr (Coverage Para)
  • Mary Thomas (Curley K-8)
  • Sau “Kitty” Yip (Quincy, Josiah Elem)
  • Bianca Pierre (Beethoven)
  • Tracy Romain (Chittick Elementary)
  • Cynthia Ferris (Perry K-8)
  • Sacha Ruiz (Fenway High School) 
  • RTC Chair: Marilyn Marion (Retired)
  • RTC Vice-Chair: Roslyn “Roz” Avant (Retired)
  • RTC Treasurer: Anne Broder (Retired)
  • RTC Secretary: Joan Devlin (Retired)

(Listed in order of voting results–cut offs for representation at affiliated bodies will be determined at a later date based on these results.) 

Jessica Tang (BTU Office)
Caren Carew (BTU Office)
Brenda Chaney (Retired)
Erik Berg (BTU Office)
Alice M Yong (Retired)
James (Timo) Philip (Retired)
Michael Maguire (Boston Latin School)
Karen Cross (Murphy K-8)
Thomas Gosnell (Retired)
Johnny Mcinnis (BTU Office)
Marilyn Marion (Retired)
Mary Ann Urban (Retired)
Robert P Carroll (Retired)
Betsy Drinan (Retired)
Colleen Hart (BTU Office)
Roz Avant (Retired)
Joan Devlin (Retired)
Charles Johnson (Retired)
Mae Bishop (Retired)
Paul Tritter (BTU Office)
Allison Doherty (Fenway High School)
Trevour Smith (Boston Latin School)
Maritza Agrait (Retired)
Josephina Lascano (Retired)
CasSandra Samuel (Curley K-8)
Caitlin Gaffny (Tobin, Maurice K-8)
Cecil Carey (Charlestown High)
Paul Tenney (Retired)
Lea-Antoinette Serena (BTU Office)
Gayle Marrow (Retired)
Denise Berkley (Retired)
Sherry Pedrone (Retired)
Matthew Ruggiero (Charlestown H.S.)
John Simonetti (Retired)
Kafunda Banks (ABA Special Ed)
Marjie Crosby (Retired)
Christine Buttiglieri (Retired)
Natalia Cuadra-Saez (BTU Office)
Michael Crain (Retired)
Vanessa R LaRocque (Madision Park)
Kristen Pinto (Retired)
Nicole Mullen (Boston Arts Academy)
Karen M Wood (Boston Latin)
Kimvy Nguyen (SpED Svcs Coordinator)
Keisha Lewis (Fenway High School)
Danielle West (Curley K-8)
Catherine O`Flaherty (Boston Latin)
Diane Crain (Retired)
Jose Valenzuela (Boston Latin School)
Nora Paul-Schultz (O`Bryant H.S.)
Teresa Underwood (Retired)
Lucinda Mills (Counseling Service)
Darren Wells (Trotter K-8)
Thomas Hocker (Retired)
Regina Temple (Retired)
Michelle Carroll (O`Donnell Elem)
Teresa Reaves (Retired)
Dana Royster-Buefort (Retired)
Layla Cable (Retired)
Maria Brooks (Mather Elementary)
Erica Kouka (BTU Office)
Paul Christian Jr (O`Bryant)
Sylvaine Lestrade (Trotter K-8)
Katina McClain (BTU Office)
Adrianne Jordan (Sumner Elementary)
Debra Brown (Kenny Elementary)
Carla Johnson (Shaw Elementary)
Tatiana Williams-Rodriquez (Boston Latin)
Danielle Fraine (ABA Special Ed)
James Cordero (East Boston High)
John Enright (Madison Park)
Declan Power (Succeed Boston)
Tim Maher (New Mission High School)
Sharon O`Dwyer (Lee, Joseph K-8)
Todd Kerr (BTU School)
Bianca Pierre (Beethoven)
Tracy Romain (Chittick Elementary)
Noah Patel (Roosevelt Upper)
Amrita Dani (Teaching & Learning (Elem))
Claude James Jr. (Madison Park H.S.)
Christine Gorman-Arnold (Sumner Elem)
Ivelisse Santo-Hicks (New Mission H.S.)
Karen Kilmain-Patriquin (Sumner Elem)
Jukurious Davis (Teaching & Learning (Elem))
Stephanie Wing (Gardner Pilot Acad)
Mary Bell (Mattahunt Elementary)
Heather King (Orchard Gardens K-8)
Marta Johnson Faldasz (Roosevelt Lower)
Josette Teneus (Charlestown High)
Randi Davis (Gardner Pilot Academy)
Nina Lessin-Joseph (Holmes Elementary)
Amy Gebo (Lee Academy Pilot School)
James Kennedy (Muniz, Margarita Acad)
Suzanne Mcglone (Hennigan, James W. K-8)
Molly Bryson (Succeed Boston)
Katie Mallon (Holmes Elementary)
Samantha Weintraub (Sumner Elem)
Cynthia Ferris (Perry, Oliver Hazard K-8)
Chelsea Ruscio (Dudley St. Charter School)
Elisa Sota (Mather Elementary)
Samantha Laney (Holmes Elementary)
Connor Echols-Jones (Perkins Elem)

2023 Election Results

BTU Officers, Executive Board, Para Council and Delegates

RTC Officers

President: Jessica Tang (BTU Office/Young Achievers K-8)
Executive Vice President: Erik Berg (Philbrick Elementary School)
Secretary Treasurer: Karen Cross (Murphy School)
Political Director: Johnny R. McInnis (BTU School)
Elementary Field Representative: Lea Serena (Mather)
Secondary Field Representative: Caren Carew (King/BTU)
Paraprofessional/Substitute Field Representative: Colleen Hart (Murphy)


What are the BTU’s primary responsibilities?2023-03-28T17:19:08+00:00
  • Negotiate and enforce the contract
  • Provide the best education we can for the system’s students
  • Represent the membership in all matters related to their professional work
  • Advocate for racial, social and economic justice
  • Answer job-related questions and assist in any job-related matter
  • Promote the growth of — and respect for — our profession
  • Work with the community to ensure our schools are the best as they can be
  • Promote the strengthening of public education
  • Work to ensure adequate funding to support improvements in public education
  • Work to elect pro-public education, pro-union candidates
What is the role of the Boston Teachers Union?2023-04-05T14:32:12+00:00

The Boston Teachers Union is the exclusive collective bargaining agent for Boston’s teachers, other non-administrative, professional employees, paraprofessionals, ABA specialists and substitute teachers. We also represent workers at local charter schools and BPS retirees.

Our Affiliations

The Boston Teachers Union is the Local 66 affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts.

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