Published On: July 22, 2021

Thursday, July 22, 2021

As infections rise again, Boston Teachers Union backs Mayor Janey’s call for masking at school


BOSTON – After Mayor Kim Janey announced Thursday that students will be mandated to wear facial coverings when schools reopen in the fall, the Boston Teachers Union released the following statement:

“With the uncertainty surrounding the delta variant, low vaccine rates for students aged 12-17 and no options for children under 12, we agree with Mayor Janey’s choice to play it as safe as possible. Once vaccines are available and approved for young children, it will certainly make sense to reevaluate, but right now we agree with the Mayor that these steps are necessary to protect the health and safety of not just our students, but our vulnerable community members and our city as a whole, too.”
– Jessica Tang, President, Boston Teachers Union

About the Boston Teachers Union:
The Boston Teachers Union proudly represents more than 10,000 teachers and other professionals, including school nurses, psychologists, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, and substitute teachers. Together, we advocate for the interests of students, parents, and education professionals throughout the Boston Public Schools. We support investment in public education to ensure a stronger future for our students and our city. As a union of educators, we are part of a movement that seeks to improve all working people’s quality of life. We are united against all forms of prejudice and bigotry that would seek to devalue our students, families, or colleagues’ lives or liberties.

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