Published On: October 14, 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

BTU statement on Suffolk Superior Court declining to provide immediate injunction regarding enforcement of existing safety agreement with BPS

BOSTON, MA – BTU released the following statement today:

“While we view the language in the safety agreement differently, what is most important is that we figure out a collaborative plan as soon as possible that includes safe staffing ratios, that reduces the viral footprint in our school buildings, and that ensures high-quality in-person instruction for our highest-needs students. Since the start of the pandemic, we have affirmed the value and importance of in-person instruction for high needs students, and hopefully, this ruling will accelerate our ongoing conversations with the district so that students and staff are learning and working in the safest environment possible when in-person. That means having no more adults in the building than are necessary to ensure high-quality instruction for high-needs students and reducing the viral footprint through more collaborative and intentional scheduling. Safe staffing ratios and reducing the viral footprint are still possible with or without an injunction if the district works with us to formulate the safest possible plan. We will continue to advocate for the health, safety and equity of learning experiences for all of our students, and respect for our educators.”


About the Boston Teachers Union:
The Boston Teachers Union proudly represents more than 10,000 teachers and other professionals including school nurses, psychologists, guidance counselors, paraprofessionals, and substitute teachers. Together, we advocate for the interests of students, parents and education professionals throughout the Boston Public Schools. We support investment in public education to ensure a stronger future for our students and our city. As a union of educators, we are part of a movement that seeks to improve the quality of life for all working people. We are united against all forms of prejudice and bigotry that would seek to devalue the lives or liberties of our students, families or colleagues.

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