Published On: May 25, 2022

“Yesterday, violence ripped through yet another school and community last week, as we mourn the loss of 19 students and 2 teachers in Texas. These horrific events have become all too familiar, as has the inaction of elected leaders who oppose common sense gun reforms. We stand in support of our fellow educators, parents and students in their grief, but it is an insult to those we have lost for our action to cease there.

Since 2017, the BTU has been an active member of The Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. We will continue to fight for common-sense firearm legislation that protects our students and educators. Arming educators is NOT the answer. We will continue to fight for safety policies that do work as well as more counselors and other social-emotional support systems within our schools. At the BTU, we will continue to fight for safe and welcoming schools for all of our students.

For once, it’s time for all elected officials to do the same. There is no more “toeing the line” or waiting for elections to pass. If you are not willing to advance immediate and concrete legislative solutions for this continued assault on children, families, educators and school communities, you do not deserve a seat at the table.”

– Jessica Tang, President, Boston Teachers Union

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