Published On: April 17, 2020


On behalf of Boston Public Schools:
Jessica Ridelin, 617-635-6766,

On behalf of Boston Teachers Union:
Jeff Hall, 617-281-8384,


BOSTON, MA — On Friday, April 17, 2020, the Boston Public Schools and the Boston Teachers Union reached a final interim memorandum of understanding regarding a framework for remote learning. The parties have prepared the following joint statement based on that agreement:

“During this difficult and critical time, BPS and BTU are committed to minimizing our students’ learning gaps to the greatest extent possible. BPS, BTU, and other community volunteers have distributed over 30,000 Chromebooks to date and will continue to do so in order to ensure that all of our students have the technology they need to participate productively in online learning. 

Every day of this incredibly challenging time, BTU members have joined together with our Central Office partners to build out outline classroom activities, reached out and encouraged students to join their classmates in remote learning, and continued to provide critical professional and personal support to their colleagues and to the families they serve.

Working remotely during this crisis is immensely challenging for all, and while we meet the needs of our own families,  we jointly acknowledge that all BPS and BTU staff are dedicated public servants who care for the children of our community and we are committed to balancing these urgent priorities.  BPS and BTU agree to give each other flexibility, empathy, and support as a means of getting through this crisis — together.”


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