Benefit Seminar Announced for 403b, SMART Plans Plus More
SAVE THE DATE: Health insurance? Dental? Flexible Spending? Dependent Care? Tax-Sheltered 403b Plans? Annuities? Deferred Compensation? Sick Leave? In-Service Credits? Disability Insurance?  Find out more on Tuesday, December 3 at 4:15 PM at the BTU. Members and spouses are welcome. Please email Richard Stutman with questions.

Benefit Notice for Provisional Teachers

Last week we sent out an information piece to all provisional teachers, years 1 to 3, about our benefits (e.g., health plans, health and welfare, and the like.) All can access the information here. Some of the information may be new, some old hat. We have added all new hires to this email list, which is protected and will not be used for any other purpose. Anyone wishing to unsubscribe or change email addresses for these e-bulletins, which come out once per week, can make the change below. We sent the same piece out by snail mail to all provisional as well. Why? Much of the information is time sensitive, and we wanted to make sure all got it.
Salary Rate Increase Announcement
Note: the 3% across-the-board pay raise will take effect as follows from the payroll office:

“BTU members in the 10 month pay frequency collective bargaining is effective in payroll period 10/19/13 paycheck issued on 11/08/13. 12 month pay frequency is effective payroll pay period 11/02/13, paycheck issued on 11/22/13.”

Flexible Spending Plan Saves Money for Members
A while ago the BTU negotiated with the city on a pre-tax benefit called the Flexible Spending Plan. Simply, the plan allows each member to set aside paycheck dollars to be used for out-of-pocket medical, dependent care, and transportation expenses. Following is an excerpt from a recent city announcement, which is timely, inasmuch as the open enrollment period (October 21 to November 22) is upon us. The BTU will hold an Open Enrollment session on Thursday, November 7 from 2:30 to 4 PM.

See here for the city’s sign-up process and more information, and see here for an explanation about how the plan works.

SMART Plan Appointments
Have you saved enough for retirement? Come find out! Our SMART Plan representative, Lisa Cardinal, will be scheduling appointments at 26 Court Street in Boston and 180 Mt. Vernon Street Dorchester (the BTU Hall). She will be at Mt. Vernon Street on November 13 from 11AM – 6PM, and at Court Street on November 20 from 11AM – 2PM. All are welcome to make an appointment, whether you are already participating in the SMART Plan or not. To make an appointment, please email Lisa and indicate your preferred date, time, and location, and whether you are already participating in the Plan. You can also contact Lisa if you’d like to arrange a group meeting at your school. See here for a fuller explanation of the SMART plan.