Teachers and staff working at City on a Hill New Bedford, a charter school, have organized to join the Boston Teachers Union (BTU), an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers.

“We are thrilled to join our sister schools in Boston as we celebrate this win for staff, students, and parents in the CoaH community. Today, we made one large step toward education equality. Today, we celebrate together as a family. Tomorrow we make change together as a union,” said Amanda Miller, an English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher and English Language Learner (ELL) Case Manager at CoaH New Bedford.

“We overcame a lot to achieve this victory for workers, students, and parents,” said Katie Vaudrain, a Learning Network History Teacher at CoaH New Bedford. “Despite the school’s openly anti-union stance, we are looking forward to a productive collaboration. We’re very proud to join our colleagues in Roxbury who previously joined the union for the same reasons we did including to have a voice at work and more input from teachers and staff in decision making.”

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