Regrettably, at this time every year, BPS enters into a budget-cutting mode, fueled by predicted stagnant financial resources. The city has limited funds, the state has less. The Globe reports:

“The Boston school system, as it prepares a budget for the next academic year, is bracing for the potential of tens of millions of dollars in cuts that are putting schools and parents on edge.

“While the school system has not generated a total spending figure for the next school year, district leaders say they expect the cost of maintaining programs will increase between $55 million and $65 million because of higher transportation costs, contractually negotiated pay raises for teachers and other unionized employees, and other factors. School officials also anticipate a $14 million decline in federal funds…”

See the full Boston Globe report. If you are interested in activating your school for the purpose of fighting the threatened budget cuts, please email Jessica Tang.

See here a wonderful video on School Budget Basics 101 put out by parents from the Curley School.

As we enter budget season and principals and headmasters begin their series of meetings on their school’s probable organization for next year, the office tends to get many questions about the school’s budget. The School Site Council, which, by state law, is supposed to be operating in every school, has some control over the school’s budget. Here’s what the BTU Collective Bargaining Agreement says (on page 11):

“The Role of the School Site Council shall be:

  • to approve the budget for discretionary school materials, supplies, textbooks and equipment, including the use of school improvement award funds…
  • to review and comment on the entire school budget, including the General Fund and External Funds budgets, in a timely fashion. Upon written request, school site council members shall be provided with written or electronic copies of school budgets…”

Please email Caren or Michael with questions and see this flyer for dates of all upcoming School Site Council trainings.