The Massachusetts Teachers Association has published the following report on an overt attempt by a charter school to discourage others from jumping ship:

As a teacher, you’d have to do something pretty bad for your school to come after you for $6,087, right?

You would think so — unless, that is, you were a teacher at the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden.

Three recent Mystic Valley employees came to the MTA for help when they received letters billing them for thousands of dollars. Their offense? Resigning before the start of the upcoming school year to take better jobs with public schools in the Greater Boston area…

‘I felt I was a good employee at Mystic Valley for seven years. I didn’t run out on my responsibilities. I didn’t leave the school in a damaging way. I can only assume they are coming after me to scare other teachers because they lose so many teachers every year.’

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