The BTU has now filed two charges at Commonwealth Employment Relations Board (CERB) alleging that the Superintendent has violated the law in two different matters.

One, the Superintendent has announced that the position on ETF will be eliminated even though the collective bargaining process on this topic is still ongoing. The Superintendent’s announcement that the matter is settled is bad-faith bargaining.

Two, the Superintendent has recklessly permitted the excessing of 400 teachers and paraprofessionals from select Turnaround and Pilot schools. These excessings are not in accordance with the provisions of the BTU contract.

Why have we filed these charges? Both the union and the School Department agree under our jointly-signed contract to conduct business in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Simply, the superintendent has violated the law and we have no other recourse. At the same time, we continue our bargaining on the master contract. We will keep the membership updated on any developments on both matters.

Most of those noticed for excessing will eventually be returned to their current assignments. Any delay in returning our members to their current assignment beyond the end of next week is inexcusable, inasmuch as building administrators have had the school budget now for close to two weeks.