Valerie Strauss blogs in the Washington Post in “Answer Sheet.” Last week she wrote about what it means to be a public school educator today:

“There was a big furor among educators around the country recently when Time magazine ran a cover that said, ‘Rotten Apples: It is nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher.’ The cover, accompanied by a story that was somewhat more nuanced, sparked a mountain of response, including a post by Nancy F.

Chewning, assistant principal of William Byrd High School in Roanoke, Va. on her blog,Leading by Example.

You can read her entire letter to Time magazine here. Following is the part of Chewning’s letter to Timethat talks about what life as a public school educator is like today in the era of high-stakes testing and ‘no-excuse’ reformers who ignore or give short shrift to how much a student’s life outside school affects their academic achievement and puts all of the blame/credit on teachers…”