On October 2, a march will be held in DC to call for increased funding in education and health care, an increase in jobs, and support of the politics of unity. The AFT and many other organizations are supporting this march, under the banner of One Nation. The BTU is thinking of renting a bus to bring to DC members who wish to participate. We would be leaving at midnight on Friday from the BTU and returning to Boston around 5:00 PM Saturday, with an estimated time of arrival at 2 AM Sunday morning. Before we commit to doing this, we are hoping to estimate how many members and friends might be interested. To get a fair and accurate count before we rent a bus, we are asking for a $35 deposit from members who wish to attend. The $35 will be refunded only to those who ride the bus. If we don’t organize it this way, we will not be able to accurately assess interest. If you wish to take advantage, please send in a check to the BTU, c/o DC One Nation.