Published On: April 18, 2020

Dear BTU Family,

We apologize that yesterday’s bulletin had a few mistakes that need to be corrected:
  • The first bullet should state, “All schools will provide age-appropriate schedules, with teacher input, and for at least three hours during which students can engage in remote learning with a caring adult. No BTU member will be asked to engage in synchronous hours for more than two hours at a time.” This CAN include not just direct instruction, but also office hours, one-to-one tutoring for students who need extra help, small groups, advisories, morning meetings, etc. It is NOT necessarily 3 hours of direct instruction or 3 hours of lessons that would be developmentally inappropriate, particularly for younger children.

  • The second bullet should state said, “Teachers may be required to engage in 15 hours of synchronous time per week and an additional 5 hours of asynchronous time. 15 hours may be directed by the principal, with input from teachers, and the additional 5 hours are directed by the individual teacher, with input from the principal.”
  • In the FAQ, we have made a couple of minor corrections- “EDFS” should be “TeachPoint” and we have corrected a grammatical mistake in the athletic coaches section.
  • The link for the One Chelsea Fund was not working properly. Please see the corrected link.

  • The Breathe for Change Link was broken. Please see the corrected link.
We regret these errors and thank you for your understanding! We were trying to work quickly to get detailed information and guidance out before the end of the day and moved a little too quickly.

Lastly, please do see today’s Op-Ed on remote learning in the Boston Globe  it explains our thinking around remote learning and what we need to truly address inequities our students face.

The Globe also wrote a story on the finalized MOU last night as well.  
Take care, be safe and be well this April Break. 

We will be in touch again soon!
Jessica Tang and the entire BTU staff

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