Published On: July 26, 2015
Good day. We hope your summer is going well.
This is the first e-bulletin of the new school year, and we’ll send out more over the summer as needed until we resume our weekly schedule in late August. As always, we welcome your input, ideas, and announcements. Please email us with ideas and items. The bulletin goes out on Tuesday mornings, and we like to get material bySaturday for the upcoming week’s bulletin.

The BTU office hours for the rest of the summer are 8 am to 4 pm, and as always, find contact information for officers and staff on our website.

A few announcements:

The negotiating season is almost upon us, and we are seeking members for a newly-constituted Collective Bargaining Committee that will be appointed and approved by the membership at the regularly-scheduled September 9 membership meeting.

So what does the Collective Bargaining Committee do? See this article in the upcoming Union Teacher, and if interested, please apply. All BTU members are welcomed to apply.

By the way, we will start formally the membership meeting at 4:30on September 9, 15 minutes later than usual, with refreshments and community chatting beginning at 3:45. We understand that our schools are getting out later and later, especially this year with Phase I of ELT kicking in. Gone are the days when our meetings would comfortably start at 4:00, when all schools got out by 3:15 or 3:30, and most got out by 2:30.

We also have a few activities upcoming and a few to place on your radar screen.

We have our annual back-to-school fair scheduled for September 19. Please see the flyer. See below for full description.

We also have scheduled a summer institute that starts in August. See the flyer, and scroll down for a full description.

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