Published On: November 8, 2016

Good morning. We hope you had a good week last week and that this week will be even better. We know this needs no reminder: Please remember to vote today. Here are four good reasons to Vote No on 2:

  1. Our local public schools are the bedrock of our communities. They educate 96% of our students, but they’re already losing losing more than $400 million to privately-run charters every year.
  2. Question 2 would remove all limits on future charter expansion in any community and take billions more away from local school districts, leaving them with less money to educate the most vulnerable students, whom charter schools aren’t educating.
  3. It’s a reckless ballot question being pushed by millions of dollars in untraceable donations from out of state, and we can’t allow it to pass.
  4. We need to protect our public schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education, and that starts with voting No on 2.

Besides voting No On 2, and for Hillary Clinton, we ask you to consider our endorsed candidates. Find out where to vote today.

We also want to call your attention to the Open Enrollment period for the Flexible Spending Plan. Please see an explanation in this eBulletin post.

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