Published On: March 9, 2016

You will receive a robo call either today (Tuesday, March 8), tomorrow (Wednesday, March 9), or Thursday (March 10) that will ask you to be allowed to “patch you through” to one of your local state senators. RTC members will receive calls during the day and active BTU members will receive calls after school hours. After you answer “the call,” you will have the opportunity to be connected to your senator. Once you’re connected to your senator, the message is simple. Keep the cap on charter schools and fund public schools. Share the impact of how decreased revenue impacts your school and the students in your classroom. In short, tell your story, and don’t forget to identify yourself.

We know everyone hates(!) robo calls. We do, too. But charter schools drain millions of dollars — $121 million to be exact — from our school budget so this is a small inconvenience, we hope. Our schools are facing significant budget cuts. Please help stop the flow of millions of dollars to charters. (If you don’t receive the robo call, please let us know, so we can update our data bank–thanks.)

Have a new number or unsure if your number is updated in the BTU system? Please call the office today at 617-288-2000 to update your email and number with our system! Please email Angela with questions.

This week we continue Sticker Friday, and if you need stickers, please email Shanika.

The Transfer and Open Posting lists are posted on the BPS website. The transfer list began on March 1 and will end on midnight of March 25. Open postings will remain posted until the vacancies are filled. Please email either Caren or Michael with questions.

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