Published On: August 30, 2011
Good morning.

As we enter the final weeks of summer, let us call your attention to a few items.

(First, a bookkeeping issue… We have received from the school department email addresses for a group of new employees and a group of others who have changed locations. As we could not distinguish from the file who was in which group, we have added all email addresses to this list-serve. If you are getting this email and wish to unsubscribe, it is easy to do so at the bottom of this email. At the same location, you can also change or add new or preferred email addresses. The list and all email addresses are protected, secure, and used only for the purpose of sending out this weekly e-bulletin.

If you do have a home email address, we’d prefer you’d use it instead of your boston.k12 address. Again, you can make any changes below. Thank you.)

Negotiations continue on a successor collective bargaining agreement. All of the city’s 40+ municipal unions are working under expired contracts. We have four full days of negotiations scheduled over the next two weeks. Meanwhile the current contract remains in effect. So, here are a few examples of salary benefits that continue.

Salary Items (Career Awards, Lane Changes, Steps) Remain in Effect

(nurses, psychologists, and so on) are entitled to obtain career awards beginning the school year after reaching maximum, then after 14 years and every five years thereafter. Make sure your first paycheck accurately reflects what you are due. If not, make sure you apply for what you are due.

Paras receive career awards after 9 years, then every five years thereafter. through 29 years. Make sure your first paycheck accurately reflects what you are due. If not, make sure you apply for what you are due.

To apply for a career award, one must use a PSO-3 form and follow these directions. Any questions, please email either Michael, Caren, or Jenna.

Your base salary remains in effect as it was at the end of the 2010-2011 school year. For teachers, see here. For paras, see here. For substitutes, see here. All salaries posted were in effect throughout the 2010-2011 school year. We are seeking a salary increase retroactive to 9/1/2010.

Salary steps are automatic, but you have to apply for academic lane changes. See here.

Some members who drive to multiple schools on a given day may be entitled to mileage payments. See here, and also feel free to contact your field representative.

Opening of Year; Town Meetings Scheduled

School opens for staff on Tuesday, 9/6 . Please see section below for more detail.

The BTU has scheduled opening-of-year town meetings. One for BTU Building Reps will be held on Tuesday evening, 9/6, prior to the opening of school; and one for the entire membership on Wednesday, on 9/21, at 7:00 PM. See below for more detail.

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