Published On: September 30, 2020

Dear BTU Family,

We are writing to give everyone an important update regarding a new side agreement that was finalized yesterday with Boston Public Schools. Read the full agreement here.

We had a special emergency meeting of building reps yesterday evening to share the latest details of the MOA, along with guidance on how to implement the flexibilities allowed for in this agreement. We will be sharing additional guidance soon.

According to the agreement, any submitted plan must have the agreement of the school leader AND the BTU Building Rep(s). If your school submits a plan, please notify your field rep ASAP. We will assist you with conducting a straw poll of members in your building to gauge support. We are following up on the concerns that were voiced during the meeting and we will continue to work around the clock to ensure our buildings are ready for tomorrow.

We’ll be sending additional communication as the initial stages of reopening commence. Thank you for your ongoing dedication to our students and our schools.

Through our collective action, we will continue to advocate for what our students and educators need to have a safe and successful school year as we move forward during these unprecedented times.

In solidarity and #InThisTogether as always,
BTU Officers and Staff

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