Published On: June 18, 2015

Good morning. It has been a long, difficult, and controversial week.

The election results are in, and there will be a recount for the office of vice president as well as executive board, as at least two people have filed for a recount in accordance with our bylaws. When the recount is completed, results will be distributed through the e-bulletin.

Last week, at the membership meeting, the issue of extending the deadline for the collection of mail-in ballots was proposed and thoroughly debated. Any member who wished to speak was allowed to speak, ask questions of the election chair, and debate the issue. The vote to extend the debate was defeated on a voice vote and then a hand vote, by an estimated 60-40 margin. No one challenged the chair on the procedure or the vote.

Two motions then arose from the floor and were approved in a show of virtual unanimity: one, to issue a report from AAA, which ran the election, to discuss the many concerns raised; and two, for the president to issue a report analyzing essentially what transpired and what, if any, recommendations will be made.

See the text here on Motion #1 and Motion #2.

When these reports are concluded, they will be posted in this space.

Photo by Mike Maguire

On Saturday, the BTU held its 45th annual scholarship banquet at which we awarded close to $70,000 in $1,000 scholarships to wonderful and deserving dependents of BTU members as well as “grand’ dependents of RTC members. In addition, we award scholarships to our wonderful and deserving graduating seniors in the BPS. Thanks go to our BTU and RTC scholarship committees, which spend hundreds of hours vetting our awardees. Thanks, too, go to our Building Reps who choose the graduating seniors for our BPS awards. And congratulations go to all.

What’s more, we had an amazing party Friday afternoon and evening with a wonderful band performance headed by our own Gilberto Rivera and Rumbanama. It was the best party by far in memory!

Thanks go to Michael McLaughlin and BTU organizer Shanika Houlder for their outstanding effort.

Thanks to all who helped out last week in our week of action! Here’s a picture from the McKinley in the South End.

Public Ed Week of Action a Great Success! 
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Public Ed Week of Action. Be sure to look out for highlights in the next BTU paper.

Building Rep End of the year survey: Building Reps please complete the end of the year survey if you haven’t already. This survey is extremely important because it aids us in distinguishing who the point person for each school is during the summer vacation.  Without a completed survey from at least one Rep at each school, it would be extremely difficult for BTU staff to get important information out to all schools during the break. Complete the survey.

Attention schools that have voted to convert January 4 as per the following:

“…School staff can decide to convert January 4 AND agree to participate in a new, citywide district-/union-run PD that will be offered on January 4, 2016. (The PD activities we plan forJanuary 4 will be jointly planned by the BTU and the School Department. This is a new initiative.) If a staff votes to take advantage of the new district-/union-run PD on January 4, 2016, that satisfies the six-hour requirement for that day…”

Please email Paul Tritter with questions.

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