Published On: March 1, 2013


As mentioned last week, the union has filed a grievance concerning a number of the outstanding recently-negotiated items that are slated to take effect this school year. Why did we file a grievance? The items are each important, and we have been waiting since November for the school district leadership to take steps to implement. Here’s a copy of the grievance we filed, and we look forward to the school district’s taking action.

School District’s Decision-Making Process: Slow as Molasses

What’s the big deal? some may ask. Or put another way, what is a reasonable time to wait for a task to be done? The items range from the difficult and “may take a little time” to the simple and “we ought to take care of it in a few days.” Here’s one in the latter category: the tuition reimbursement circular.

We have had tuition reimbursement in the contract for many years. The identical circular has been posted and re-posted each year, the last one in August 2011. We negotiated two changes this fall: the reimbursement went up and the eligibility for same was expanded. We asked the department four months ago to change the August 2011 circular to reflect the changes negotiated. It is a task that ought to take about five minutes. We are still waiting...

Transfer & Open Posting lists were posted on Friday, March 15, on the BPS website. The transfer list will be posted for 10 school days & then will be taken down. Only permanent BPS teachers are eligible to apply to a maximum of five positions on the transfer list.

The Open Posting list went up on the same day. It is open to all
internal & external candidates. There is no limit to the
amount of positions to which candidates may apply. The Open Posted positions remain up until filled.

Save the Date: There will be a meeting to go over the ins and outs ofjob-sharing on April 25. See circular here.

Excess letters for permanent teachers must be sent prior to the

transfer list posting. If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact Caren Carew or Mike McLaughlin.

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