Published On: August 1, 2013
Good morning and welcome back to another exciting, new school year! The opening schedule is a bit different this year, and there is only one full day prior to the first day for students. See the explanation here.
Today is the start of the New Teacher Institute at English High School, and we send out a welcome to all our new staff which will grow to an estimated 300 when hiring is completed.


Next week we will send out a newly-designed BTU Building Rep toolkit for use on Tuesday, September 3, during the 30-minute time block set aside for BTU activity. All representatives have received two letters in advance giving each a heads up as to what to look for in the mail: the toolkit as well as a packet of newspapers. We asked that exiting representatives give us instructions as to whom to mail these packets in their absence. Many have sent us instructions. If you happen to be in a school that might be “uncovered,” please let us know to whom to send the packets. We want to make sure all buildings get sufficient materials.

The BTU has purchRed Soxased a few hundred tickets for a BTU night at Fenway to be held onTuesday, September 17 against Baltimore, a pretty good team itself. The game starts at7:10, the tickets cost $28 apiece, and we will sell a maximum of two tickets to each member. Checks only, made out to Boston Teachers Union. Please do not ask us to hold tickets for you; you will have to bring in a check for your tickets. Also, please do not ask us to purchase tickets for others. Thank you. The tickets are first come, first serve, and we will sell them beginningMonday, August 26. The tickets are bleacher seats behind the bullpen in sections 41 and 42.

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