Published On: January 23, 2024
  • AFT Member Benefit Virtual Workshops
  • Asynchronous Spanish for BPS Educators: Fall 2023
    In this course, participants will learn introductory Spanish in order to better communicate with BPS students/families. This course may be most relevant to those who have no or limited Spanish proficiency. There will be an asynchronous class followed by 2 sessions (choose one) for oral practice at 12:12-50 PM OR 3 – 3:50 PM. every Tuesday for 14 weeks beginning September 12, 2023. Participants will complete a final project as a course deliverable for 14 PDPs. Please register on Vector. Questions: Julie Caldarone

  • Mentoring For Professional Licensure
    To be eligible for a professional teaching license, the Massachusetts Department of Education requires an additional 50 hours of mentoring beyond the first-year induction program. In this course, you will receive that required mentoring from veteran BPS Educators as you reflect on and grow your teaching practice. On Vector, register for one of the three posted sections (Grades K0-3, Grades 4-8, or Grades 9-12) The first Mentoring for Professional Licensure session will be held virtually on Zoom, October 18th (5:00-7:00). Contact Ailis Kiernan at if you need further assistance.,the%2050%20hour%20mentoring%20requirement.

  • Secondary Open Up Math Unit Virtual Previews
    Virtual unit unpacking sessions for Open Up Secondary Math curriculum will be provided to all BPS educators for each unit in Math 1, 2 & 3 (with corresponding Algebra – Geometry – Algebra 2 sequence units), starting Monday, September 11th from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. During each unit preview session teachers will have the opportunity to work with an Open Up Math facilitator to unpack the unit to see how the learning cycles fit together and how the unit flows, take a deep dive of at least one lesson to plan and consider intended pedagogy, spend time unit/lesson planning and be given time for a Q & A about the unit and/or other concerns related to use of the materials. Sign up on Vector to receive PDPs and see the full schedule and zoom links here.
  • Degree Completion
    Degree Completion through BPS Partnerships with Higher Education Institutions: Any BPS employee who is in need of completing their degree and/or earning a Master’s Degree which includes a pathway to licensure can enroll with one of our two higher education partners at an employee discount. They offer an undergraduate degree completion program and a wide variety of graduate degree programming. There are also scholarships available specifically for Black and Latinx educators. Contact: Kariem McCormick,
    Degree completion programs:
    Associates and Bachelors degrees:
    Masters degree:
    Contact info:
  • Secondary Leadership Certificate in Critical & Equitable Literacy: 
    This is a two-course certificate program for school-based educator teams in all content areas that empowers 6th-12th grade educators to lead your school communities in developing and implementing deeply equitable approaches to literacy across contents and settings in your school. You and a team of educators in your school will join one another in collaborative learning through two Boston University courses. Earn 7 ALCs with the option to purchase Boston University credits.  Learn more and apply at
  • Artifact Lounge:
    Do you want to put your best foot forward with powerful artifacts for your upcoming formative and summative evaluations? The Educator Supports Program’s Consulting Teachers cordially invite you to the Artifact Lounge! These sessions are where educators can receive direct support and guidance for all aspects of the artifact process. Consulting teachers will be available to support BPS teachers during Artifact Lounge sessions held: December 5th (5:00 – 7:00 pm) on Zoom December 6th (5:00 – 7:00 pm) on Zoom December 7th (5:00 – 7:00 pm) on Zoom December 12th (5:00 – 7:00 pm) at the BTU Hall December 13th (5:00 – 7:00 pm) at the BTU Hall
  • Telescope Illustrative Math Planning Cohort: January 24, 12pm-3pm
    IM Math Planning Cohort (Grades 4-8) Starts 1/24 : Need a fresh start on your planning routine? Start 2024 off right with this IM Planning Cohort. This PD will address the question, “How do we thoughtfully implement the Illustrative Math curriculum to provide all students access to rich mathematical tasks and learning experiences?” A Planning Cohort is a space for educators to collaboratively plan with the support of a teacher expert. During the Planning Cohort you will have time to unpack the Illustrative Math curriculum to develop a thoughtful unit plan, pool resources with other teachers in a similar context, and receive feedback from peers and coaches. Earn 1 ALC for work you are already doing! Register here
  • SLIFE Math & Native Literacy Learning Site: February 5: Join colleagues to investigate the question “”How do we differentiate learning to develop all students’ native literacy and math skills in a SLIFE classroom?” on 2.5.24 at Frederick Pilot Middle School. This site will demonstrate two teachers’ approach to this question as we observe live instruction. After the observation, participants will have the opportunity to think through and debrief with the host teachers about the hows and whys of their teaching practice. Includes a virtual pre-session and follow-up virtual sessions focused on implementing the learning in your setting. Hosted by Mayra Da Rocha and Faustino Ajanel, SLIFE teachers at the Frederick, and the Telescope Network. Earn an ALC or PD hours.
  • Racial Trauma Resource: This interactive resource educates students on the term racial trauma as well as affirms the experiences and traumas of Black and Brown students. This resource was produced by MAC’s Racial Equity and Access Program. Key elements of the resource include: • Defining the term racial trauma and helping students understand both the term and experience • Discussing and exploring the causes of racial trauma • Relatable, real-world examples of racial trauma that actualize events that may lead to racial trauma to help students better understand and relate to the experience • A collection of racially affirming resources: focused on identifying vehicles for support and racial healing (such as therapist directories, self-care resources, mental health and emergency support resources, wellness apps, sources of community, podcasts, and more) Purpose of resource: To support and affirm Black and Brown students who may be navigating the long-term consequences of racism, anti-Blackness, and discrimination. Increasing awareness of racial trauma empowers students to subsequently seek support and resources to advance racial healing. This will make students better prepared to self-advocate for supports, services, or resources that they may need to heal, learn, and thrive. Opportunity for feedback: We hope to collect feedback from students and readers to inform future projects and advocacy. Though feedback can be submitted directly in the resource, I am happy to offer individual or group meetings to gather feedback and/or meet to discuss and/or debrief the resource.  View the resource here:
  • Transformative Leaders of Massachusetts Fellowship Opportunity
    Middle and high school educators interested in exploring school leadership should apply to the Transformative Leaders of Massachusetts fellowship! Fellows receive two years of training in school design and leadership, leveraging an apprenticeship model with hands-on learning, mentorship, licensure support, and a stipend of $20,000 while staying in their current positions. Educators interested in learning more should check out the website. Applications are due by Feb. 29.
  • Telescope: Student Centered Illustrative Math Learning Site: 2/6/24
    If you or an educator you know is looking to see the IM curriculum at the middle grades in action, this is an opportunity to join other educators for a day in a live classroom around a common area of practice. This learning site places the question of “How do we implement IM to create student centered math learning experiences?” within the context of an inclusion classroom. Come see a 6th grade math class, led by Lirna DePina at the King K-6 School, where students are engaged in problem solving and sharing their thinking through IM curricular tasks. After the observation, educators have a chance to think through and debrief with the host teacher around the hows and whys of their teaching practice with follow up coaching sessions for an ALC/PDPs. This opportunity is for middle grades math educators and will fill quickly. Please sign up ASAP to reserve your spot.
  • Approaches to Multimodal Engagement with Modern and Contemporary Art:Toshiko Takaezu and Abstract Art Thursday, January 25, 2024, 4:30–6:30 pm
    Spend this Thursday evening at the MFA: engage with compelling works of art using prompts and activities, enjoy light refreshments with other educators as you hear an introduction to the exhibition “Toshiko Takaezu: Shaping Abstraction,” and stay after to explore the Museum on your own. Get to know artworks that exemplify the wide-ranging scope of 20th century American abstraction, beyond what was historically taught in schools.

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