Published On: November 14, 2023
  • AFT Member Benefit Virtual Workshops
  • Asynchronous Spanish for BPS Educators: Fall 2023
    In this course, participants will learn introductory Spanish in order to better communicate with BPS students/families. This course may be most relevant to those who have no or limited Spanish proficiency. There will be an asynchronous class followed by 2 sessions (choose one) for oral practice at 12:12-50 PM OR 3 – 3:50 PM. every Tuesday for 14 weeks beginning September 12, 2023. Participants will complete a final project as a course deliverable for 14 PDPs. Please register on Vector. Questions: Julie Caldarone

  • Mentoring For Professional Licensure
    To be eligible for a professional teaching license, the Massachusetts Department of Education requires an additional 50 hours of mentoring beyond the first-year induction program. In this course, you will receive that required mentoring from veteran BPS Educators as you reflect on and grow your teaching practice. On Vector, register for one of the three posted sections (Grades K0-3, Grades 4-8, or Grades 9-12) The first Mentoring for Professional Licensure session will be held virtually on Zoom, October 18th (5:00-7:00). Contact Ailis Kiernan at if you need further assistance.,the%2050%20hour%20mentoring%20requirement.

  • Secondary Open Up Math Unit Virtual Previews
    Virtual unit unpacking sessions for Open Up Secondary Math curriculum will be provided to all BPS educators for each unit in Math 1, 2 & 3 (with corresponding Algebra – Geometry – Algebra 2 sequence units), starting Monday, September 11th from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. During each unit preview session teachers will have the opportunity to work with an Open Up Math facilitator to unpack the unit to see how the learning cycles fit together and how the unit flows, take a deep dive of at least one lesson to plan and consider intended pedagogy, spend time unit/lesson planning and be given time for a Q & A about the unit and/or other concerns related to use of the materials. Sign up on Vector to receive PDPs and see the full schedule and zoom links here.
  • Degree Completion
    Degree Completion through BPS Partnerships with Higher Education Institutions: Any BPS employee who is in need of completing their degree and/or earning a Master’s Degree which includes a pathway to licensure can enroll with one of our two higher education partners at an employee discount. They offer an undergraduate degree completion program and a wide variety of graduate degree programming. There are also scholarships available specifically for Black and Latinx educators. Contact: Kariem McCormick,
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  • Paid Inclusion and Anti-Racism Consultant for MFA Learning Programs
    Join a small team of K-12 educators who serve as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s Art Finders Consultants. Support the centering of students and the use of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access frameworks by (1) advising on the creation of MFA Art Finders online resources and (2) facilitating on-going trainings connected to inclusion, anti-racism, and anti-bias for volunteer tour guides of school and college groups. 3-5 hours/week; $60 – $100/hour. Applicants are welcome from all grade levels and disciplines. As we amplify our efforts toward becoming a truly inclusive institution, ensuring that diversity, equity, and access are lived values, the MFA actively encourages educators from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds in museums to apply. Join us for an optional information session on Wed., Nov. 8, 4:30-5:30 PM, via Zoom with the existing team of four MFA Art Finders Consultants. Learn more and apply by Nov. 17:
  • 2 Day Substance Use Prevention Training
    Succeed Boston @ the Counseling & Intervention Center is excited to announce this opportunity for BPS STAFF to learn more about substance use and misuse. Marijuana is a common drug of choice for young people and altogether too easy to obtain. Throughout this workshop, education will occur surrounding updated statistics and the ways of consumption typically used by BPS students. This psycho educational workshop will review marijuana in its many forms (i.e. vaping, edibles, flower bud). In addition, participants will be presented with ways an adult can address marijuana use with a student and specific examples of how to navigate difficult conversations. The SUP workshop will provide treatment options for adolescents and families and introductory assessment tools to determine a student’s level of treatment need. We will make room for discussions throughout as well as answer any questions that may arise.” We are offering a 2 Day SUP Training on December 7th & 8th
  • Nearpod in the Inclusion Classroom PD Sessions: 11/15 and 11/29
    This intermediate session focuses on how to use Nearpod to facilitate differentiated learning experiences. Discover how to make adjustments to the lesson process, content, or product by editing activities and media with integrated Nearpod tools to meet the needs of all learners. Please register here to attend.
  • Effective Team Learning Site 11/28
    If you are an educator who is working to improve the team you are on, this is an opportunity to join other educators for a full day in a live classroom around a common area of practice. This learning site on November 28th, 2023 places the question of “How can educators in a co-teaching model effectively collaborate to support the needs of all students?” This site will demonstrate a teaching team’s approach to answering this question while delivering tier 1 curriculum in an inclusion classroom setting. After the observation educators have a chance to think through and debrief with the host educators around the hows and whys of their teaching practice with potential for follow up coaching sessions for an ALC/PDPs.
  • Early Childhood Phonics Learning Site 11/29 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
    This learning site on 11/29/23 poses the question of “How do we implement tier 1 phonics and phonemic awareness instruction to provide access for all learners?” The site will demonstrate the K2 teacher team’s approach to answering this question while thinking through integrating different aspects of the phonics and phonemic awareness curricula. After the observation educators have a chance to think through and debrief with the host teacher around the hows and whys of their teaching practice with potential for follow up coaching sessions for an ALC/PDPs.
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  • Connect & Share on “Explicit Writing Instruction K-12”: Dec 5
    The Telescope Network is hosting a Connect and Share virtual panel discussion on the topic of “Explicit Writing Instruction.” During the 1.5-hour session, you can hear from a panel of “humble expert” colleagues about what’s working for them and bring resources & tools back to your own setting.
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