Published On: June 28, 2022

“The Boston Teachers Union is glad that Mayor Michelle Wu, Boston Public Schools, and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education have reached an agreement that removes the recent threats of receivership or designation of “underperforming district” by the Commissioner. We have always known that local community solutions and authentic partnerships are more impactful and effective than top-down bureaucratic ones with no record of success.

These threats should never have been on the table in the first place, nor should the situation have come to this. Educators, parents, families and students have been advocating for the solutions we know our school communities have needed for years, and it is time now to redirect our energy, time and resources from fending off ill-conceived power plays into making those local democratic solutions a reality.
While disaster has been averted today, we will remain united and vigilant in our commitment to creating the schools our students and our communities deserve.
Our coalition of parents, students and families still plan to attend the BESE meeting in Malden on Tuesday morning to make sure the Board and Commissioner know we will continue to hold them accountable.”

– Jessica Tang, President, Boston Teachers Union

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