Before you call, ask your local Building Representative. He or she represents the union in your school and has generally had experience in many of the matters that affect each of us.

If you still need help, there are eight of us you can call. Initial questions on contract implementation, payroll problems, possible grievances, and the like should be directed to:

  • Lea Serena, Elementary Field Rep. — if you’re an elementary teacher/nurse/etc.
  • Caren Carew, Secondary Field Rep. — if you are a secondary school teacher, etc.
  • Colleen Hart, Paraprofessional/Substitute Teacher Field Rep — if you are a paraprofessional or substitute teacher

If you have questions about the union’s political activities or about our Committee on Political Education (COPE), please direct them to:

If you have a question about the union’s operations, dues, and the like, please call:

Questions about outstanding grievances, contract questions or interpretation should be directed to:

For community or internal organizing or coalition questions:

For questions concerning professional learning, schedule A, teacher leadership:

If you have any other questions, please call:

Although each of us has individual responsibilities, we all routinely pinch hit for each other and are reasonably familiar with all aspects of the union’s work. In other words, if you need an immediate answer, we ought to be able to help you right away even if the appropriate person is not in the office at that time. In any case, leave a message or email one of us and we will get back to you.