The Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School Committee is calling on legislators to revamp a formula that determines how much money the state contributes to fund local school districts.

“If the state lived up to their promises, we would have a more relaxed and understanding relationship with the taxpayer,” committee member Phillip Morris said at a meeting Monday.

The committee voted unanimously in favor of a resolution proposed by Dennis-Yarmouth Educators Association President Michelle Dunn that asks state legislators to fully fund a new foundation budget formula for schools by May 1.

The vote made the committee the first governing body on Cape Cod to join a growing list of municipalities to pass similar resolutions, with encouragement from the Massachusetts Teachers Association’s Fund Our Future Campaign.

“I was really pleased to see them stand up and call on the Legislature to fully fund schools and fix the funding gap that has existed for years — for decades really,” Dunn said Tuesday.

The campaign is striving to put pressure on the Legislature to adopt a new funding formula that acts on recommendations made in 2015 by the Foundation Budget Review Commission, a nonpartisan panel of educators and legislators that reviewed funding formulas contained in the Education Reform Act of 1993, which still dictates how much the state contributes for schools.

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