Education Turmoil in DC

Michelle Rhee, the controversial superintendent in Washington DC, may be looking for work now that the mayor who appointed her has lost his re-election. Both the mayor and Rhee have come under attack for, let’s say, not knowing how to work with and talk with people. See this piece in Education Week for a look back at Rhee’s stormy tenure. If Rhee is forced out, she will not be unemployed for long – not in this climate.

Members Write to Chronicle to Voice Their Displeasure – and Chronicle Fires Back

Last week we noted how Chronicle took umbrage that teachers would request more compensation for additional time spent. Our members wrote to Chronicle expressing their displeasure, and Chronicle responded.

Pensions Under Attack

Yes, the battles are never over. Yesterday’s Globe had an article on the onslaught of attacks against public pensions. The report parallels another recent report we noted in this e-bulletin.

Keep your eyes and ears open. In times of economic difficulty, what were previously untouched areas – such as public pensions – are fair game. Or so it seems.