From the New York Times, “New York City Schools Chancellor Objects to Cuomo’s Plan for Grading Teachers:”

“The New York City schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, spoke out forcefully against some of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo‘s education proposals on Tuesday, making clear the de Blasio administration’s opposition to a core part of the governor’s 2015 agenda…”

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Also from the Times, “Chancellor Carmen Fariña Changes New York City Schools’ Course:”

“A dozen principals and New York City education officials were gathered in an office early last year, sorting through a database to look for schools to use as models – those scoring highest on tests, graduation rates and other measures, compared with schools of similar demographics.

“The new schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, walked in, saw a spreadsheet projected on the wall and cut off the official who was presenting the data. “I know a good quality school when I’m in the building,” she said, according to one participant in the meeting. “We’re going to do this,” she added, “based on the schools we know to be good.”…”

Read more.While in Massachusetts, Commissioner Chester has his sights on taking over the Holyoke Public Schools. We have to wonder if Blueprint is looking to expand. See this piece from Commonwealth Magazine.

“In 2012, the chronically low-performing Lawrence school system became the first district put into state receivership under a 2010 education law that gives the state sweeping new powers over struggling schools. Will Holyoke be next?
“That question now looms over the Western Massachusetts district of 5,500 students, where achievement has long been low and dropout rates high. A state review team spent five days in Holyoke last month, observing schools and meeting with teachers and administrators. A report of their findings will be submitted later this month to the state commissioner of elementary and secondary education, Mitchell Chester, who will formulate a recommendation for what to do. But he is making no secret of the fact that he thinks big steps are needed…”

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