Marshall School Principal Sees School Department Hypocrisy: School Improvements, Long-Sought and Long-Denied, Finally Come to Marshall as UP Academy Prepares to Take Over School

Marshall School principal Theresa Harvey Jackson, who is retiring this week, spoke eloquently at last week’s school committee meeting as she chastised the School Department for making changes at the Marshall only as it was turning over the school to UP Academy. Ms. Jackson points out that her school community has been waiting a long time for new resources, physical plant improvements, and the

Marshall School

like — only to have those requests repeatedly shot down. Now, with the impending takeover by UP Academy, the school department cannot move quickly enough to make those same improvements. We’ve all heard this story before. Thank you, Ms. Jackson, for having the courage to say what we all know to be true: 1) school resources are insufficient; and 2) school resources are often inequitably applied; 3) all schools and all children deserve attention regardless of the school’s governance structure. Check out what Ms. Jackson told the school committee below.