Updates on Tax Bill

The AFT reports on the Tax Bill: “Republicans in Congress have managed to use their conference committee to make their tax bill even sweeter for the rich. Even as they’ve rushed this bill through, the American people are seeing right through the lies. They get that it benefits the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. We have given this fight everything we have, and because of your activism, and the grassroots activism of our members and allies, we have mitigated some of the damage… This bill is a holiday present for big corporations and GOP donors, part of a right-wing ideology that puts corporations ahead of the middle class.” Please check out this one-pager with details of what’s currently in the bill.

Upcoming BTU Events

Parent to Parent Conference: January 27
Join us at Madison Park High School for this free event for parents and educators to learn from each other! See the flyer and register on the BTU website.

Save the Date! 2018 BTU Winter Conference: February 10
Please plan to join us from 9 AM to 3 PM at the BTU on Saturday, February 10! Our theme: “Leading the Movement with Equity and BTU POWER.” Read more, register, and download the flyer!

School Start Times

Our holiday break will begin in just a couple of days, and we know that there are big questions that will be left answered until the new year, particularly regarding school start times and the newly released school budgets.

We are glad to hear the district is taking a second look at the impact and consequences of the more drastic changes within the previous version of the schedules. We will be actively monitoring and reviewing any further changes. We believe the voices of parents, educators, and students must be heard during and beyond this phase in the new process.

See the full list of BPS community forums happening across the city this week. And please complete our BTU internal survey on school start times, and share our community-family survey.

As stated last week, we believe changes should be implemented in a way that best serves the interests of students without creating an undue burden for parents and educators. You can hear the BTU President discuss the changes on WBUR. We will be closely monitoring the process as well as any specific changes as they occur.

It is clear that even when there is broad agreement that some change is needed, ensuring educators, parents and students have clear avenues for feedback on the details is critical. We will continue to advocate that changes be made in a thoughtful and equitable way — based on student needs and stakeholder input, not just cost savings.