Hundreds of educators in over 50 schools participated last Friday, April 7, in national Unafraid Educators Coming Out Day, a day to show support to our undocumented students and families. Teacher Lily Holland at the Guild School writes:

I’ve been really surprised and touched by the responses. Many immigrant and undocumented families have commented or messaged me/other teachers telling them how much this means to them. I’ve also had non-immigrant families comment on the pictures with messages of support which is incredible. I think we as teachers assume that parents know we support them but turns out that’s not actually the case! They really needed to hear it explicitly from us. Yesterday (Friday, April 7) was a really important day to make it really clear that we are here for and with our undocumented families.

Thank you all who stood strong for our families! For more information and pictures from the day please visit and email to join BTU Unafraid Educators!