Published On: April 24, 2017

We greatly value our teachers and recognize the tremendous impact they have on improving students’ lives. They make a difference, each and every day,’ said Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang.” Source.

Good morning. We hope you have had a restful week.

We met with the school district in negotiations on March 23 for what was supposed to be an all-day session. That day we orally presented to the district a comprehensive economic proposal, and the district said it would take our proposal under advisement. That was over a month ago. We followed up on April 3 with a written proposal that paralleled the oral proposal.

Among other items, we asked for the equivalent of the compensation package that has already been offered to another city union. That package, which called for COLAs of 2%, 3%, 3%, and 3% over four years, has been ratified by that union and approved by the city council, and is retroactive to September 1, 2016.

We want the same compensation package for our members. We deserve the same economic package. Instead we have been offered 2%, 2%, 2%, and 2% over those same four years.

The School Department responded to us late last week that, while it would meet with us this week (we had previously scheduled a session for today, April 24), it would not change its economic offer. We told them that there was no point in meeting, but we’d be happy to reconvene as soon as the school district came up with an offer. And that’s where things stand: We’re waiting to be treated equally and fairly.

We deserve what another city union has already settled for. We’re asking for no more, and we deserve no less. If we were truly “valued” as the superintendent claims, we wouldn’t have to ask to be treated equally and fairly.

Finally, we told the school district in February that in order for us to bring the entire package to a vote at the June 14th membership meeting, we’d need to reach a tentative agreement by May 3 for logistical and notice provisions under our by laws. The district’s been dillydallying around for more than two months. It’s time — and there is still time — to get this contract settled!

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