Published On: June 5, 2019

The Boston Teachers Union (BTU) election concluded this evening at 6:00pm and the results are in for BTU Officers, Executive Board, Delegates to All Affiliated Bodies, the Paraprofessionals Council, and the Retired Teachers Chapter.

We offer our congratulations to those elected to full-time office:

  • President: Jessica Tang
  • Vice President: Erik Berg
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Betsy Drinan
  • Elementary Field Rep.: Michael McLaughlin
  • Secondary Field Rep.: Caren Carew
  • Para/Substitute Field Rep.: Colleen Hart
  • Political Director: Johnny McInnis

We also are pleased to announce our newly-elected Executive Board in order of finish:

  1. Michael Maguire
  2. Brenda Chaney
  3. James (Timo) Philip
  4. Mary Ann Urban
  5. Alice Yong
  6. Cheryl Kelly
  7. Garrett Virchick
  8. Allison Doherty
  9. Paul Tritter
  10. Nicole Mullen
  11. Caitlin Gaffny
  12. Robert Carroll

We are also pleased to present the newly-elected Paraprofessional Council:

  1. Cassandra Samuel
  2. Donna Adame
  3. Debra Brown
  4. Todd Kerr
  5. Sharon Butler-O’Dwyer
  6. Christine Buttiglieri
  7. Debra Irby
  8. Donna Lashus
  9. A. Vanessa La Rocque
  10. Cynthia Ferris

Finally, here are the newly-elected Retired Teachers Chapter officers:

  • Co-Chair: Marilyn Marion
  • Vice Co-Chair: Roslyn (Roz) Avant
  • Joan Devlin
  • Anne Broder

We would like to thank everyone who ran and congratulate all those who will be serving in union leadership positions. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated in our democracy-it makes our union stronger. The BTU is also extremely grateful to the Election Committee for all their hard work and dedication to organizing this year’s elections.

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