Published On: January 3, 2018
children's holiday party 2017

The BTU Children’s Holiday Party last week was a blast! Thank you to all who attended and volunteered. Photo by Mike Maguire

Happy New Year to all!

We hope you all had a restful break and are all staying warm from the cold. We reached out to BPS facilities to ensure that those of you returning for PD yesterday had heat. We hope that the buildings were adequately warm.

As we start the New Year, we wanted to share again our three strategic priorities for the school year:

  • negotiating a new contract,
  • preparing our membership for the Janus Supreme Court case, and
  • actively engaging all our members and the larger community to support our students, schools and public education.

This month we are continuing our BTU All-In Campaign as we ask all members to sign new cards in light of the post-Janus era. Our Collective Bargaining team will begin meeting this month, and we will continue to monitor and advocate with our members and larger community around important issues such as the school start times and school budgets. If you missed our statement on the decision to keep current start times, you can find it on the BTU website.

children's holiday party 2017

Once again, our volunteers and members made the Children’s Party a huge success. Thank you!

With last month’s conversation around school start and end times, many members had questions about school day length and other contractual scheduling requirements for traditional schools and Schedule A ELT schools. Please see this newly updated and clarified breakdown for details.

Finally, please note that if you have tickets to join us for BTU Night at the Celtics this Friday, January 5, the tipoff time has changed from 7:30 to 7 PM. Read more below.

We look forward to continuing our work with all of you in the new year. Have a great week!

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