Published On: October 22, 2020

“In light of Michael Loconto’s insensitive remarks last night and previous actions, the union agrees that his resignation is both necessary and appropriate. Racism in all forms has no place in Boston’s School Committee or anywhere else in our society. Comments mocking culture and identity are unacceptable and further reinforce the perpetual foreigner stereotype that many immigrants face as they experience rejection from many parts of American society because of perceived differences. Unfortunately, comments like these while triggering for many-including myself-are not new, but they do lay bare open the systemic racism in our society. To bring about a lasting change, we must take a stand against instances like these and make it clear that racist comments, behavior, and systems will not be tolerated within our Boston communities and beyond and at the same time, use these instances as a learning opportunity for deeper reflection, growth and continued dialogue to further true racial equity and understanding.” -Jessica Tang, President

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