“In May 2010, the New York State Legislature-in an effort to secure federal Race to the Top funds-approved an amendment to Educational Law 3012-c regarding the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) of teachers and principals. The new law states that beginning September 2011, all teachers and principals will receive a number from 0-100 to rate their performance. Part of that number (ranging from 20% to 40%) will be derived from how well students perform on standardized tests. At first glance, using test scores might seem like a reasonable approach to accountability. As designed, however, these regulations carry unintended negative consequences for our schools and students that simply cannot be ignored.” (Source.)
Bold NY Principals Take Action and Joined by 4000 Colleagues Offer the Following:
“Across New York State, there is growing concern about the direction being taken by the State Education Department. In breathtaking speed, Education officials have made sweeping changes to how our schools operate, how our teachers and principals are evaluated and how our students are assessed.
“As building principals, we applaud efforts aimed towards excellence for all of our students. We cannot, however, stand by while untested practices are put in place without any meaningful discussion or proven research. This is why we have prepared an Open Letter of Concern Regarding New York State’s APPR Legislation for the Evaluation of Teachers and Principals. Written by two high school Principals (Dr. Sean C. Feeney and Dr. Carol C. Burris) and reviewed and edited by Elementary, Middle School and High School principals. Although this letter had its origins in Long Island, the concerns expressed are shared by educators across New York.  In a very clear manner, this letter states why everyone who cares about schools should be concerned about New York’s APPR Legislation. The letter also articulates a better path forward for our schools and students…”

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