Do you know anyone who wants to run the Boston Marathon? I’m involved with the Boston Debate League as a Debate Coach at Timilty and as an Advisory Council member. We are a growing non-profit that is working on improving education outcomes in urban Boston Schools through after-school debate programs.

The impact is stunning, by the way. Kids who participate in our program are 42% more likely to
graduate himarathongh school, and that number jumps to 70% more likely for African American males. Also, after one year of participating in the program, kids’ reading levels go up 2-3 grade levels.

They are an official Boston Marathon charity team and are accepting applications for runners in the 2012 marathon. I thought you might be interested or know others who are. They offer a 5 month training program with a trainer, so if you’ve always wanted to run a marathon – especially Boston – and get hands on training from an experienced marathon trainer, here’s your chance. There is a fundraising component, but they offer support in that area too. More info or feel free to reach out to Anne Phillips. Submitted by Beverly Williams.