To make her case, the superintendent has taken to exaggerating our recent salary increases. Her argument, simply, is that teachers earn a lot anyway and we’ve gotten healthy salary increases over the last few years. We therefore ought to subsidize the school system over the next few years by working without additional compensation. So she said in her bulletin last week, BPS This Week. Here’s an excerpt:

“In our contract negotiations with the Boston Teachers Union, BPS has proposed to raise teacher salaries above and beyond the 15 percent increase they have already earned in the last three years.”

And she said this in her speech last week to the national convention, as quoted in BPS This Week.

“And since 2007, when the extended day at the Edwards began in earnest, we have increased the pay for all of our teachers, in every school, by 15 percent, even while we have cut the budget deeply in other areas. We’re proud of that. Our teachers deserve it.”

Sounds great, if only true.

  • Our salary increase in 2010-11 was 0%
  • Our salary increase in 2009-10 was 3% plus 1% halfway through the year
  • Our salary increase in 2008-09 was 3% plus 1% halfway through the year
  • Our salary increase in 2007-08 was 3% plus $600 (equivalent to 1%) on the base

So, our members have gotten a salary increase of either 8% over the last three years or 12% over the last 4 years. Either way, it’s not 15%. Not even close. Instead of misstating facts, the Superintendent ought to join with us in finding funds to pay for an expanded school day for those students who need it. Exaggerating our salary is not a good step in trying to resolve this matter.