Published On: March 22, 2021
  • AFT Member Benefit Virtual Workshops
  • Remote Teaching & Learning Modules Series
    On September 2nd, the Center for Instructional Support will release the Remote Teaching & Learning Modules Series. This is a free, 5-part series of self-guided modules for teachers and other school-based educators who will be engaging in remote teaching and learning this coming year, whether through a hybrid or fully remote model. Each module includes specific instructional practices, tips, and strategies for remote teaching in key areas such as Curriculum & Planning, Learning Environment, Family Collaboration, and Professional Collaboration. Educators will also have the opportunity to dig deeper into content-specific strategies aligned to MA curriculum frameworks, reflect on culturally responsive practice, and explore digital tools and resources supportive of both live and asynchronous instruction.
    Each module includes a learning and exploration section, followed by recommended reflection activities and applications to a teacher’s specific school and classroom. If possible, we encourage educators to experience the modules in pairs or teams to maximize collective knowledge and take-aways.
    The modules will be available through the CIS website on September 2nd. No registration is necessary. If you’d like to be notified upon their immediate release, please share your contact information here. Please direct any additional questions to
  • TGH Webinar Series
    Brush up on digital skills through our TGH Summer Webinar Series! The following webinars are free and open to the public and are geared toward beginner and intermediate learners. Please feel free to pass our webinar registration page along to family, friends, and colleagues.
  • UMass Boston Vision Studies Program
    The UMass Boston Vision Studies program is currently holding informational sessions for the tracks of students of Teachers with Visual Impairments and Orientation and Mobility Specialists.
  • AFT Health & Wellness Series
    For so many of us, our stress is at an all-time high. That’s why we want you to be a part of AFT Share My Lesson’s first Health and Wellness Series! As part of our new Health and Wellness Community, this series features exercise, nutrition and self-care strategies to help you take care of you—and some strategies to help our students as well. Bonus: By signing up for a free wellness session, you can enter for a chance to win an Apple Watch 6!
  • The War to End War

    As a service to member schools, TAS, in partnership with 4QM Teaching, would like to offer your teachers a free after-school seminar called “The War to End War”: How to Think and Teach about the First World War on Tuesday, February 23rd from 4:15 – 5:45.
    Gary Shiffman and Jon Bassett, the founders of 4QM, are long-time history teachers, who bring their intellect, humor, and passion to the enterprise of teaching history well. Even if teachers are not teaching about WWI, this workshop introduces and models a method to teach any historical event.
    Please pass this invitation along to any teachers in your school or district who might be interested.  They can find more info and register for the workshop here.
  • Virtual CSI 2021
    Get ready for the AFT’s 23rd annual Center for School Improvement Leadership Institute. Beginning in February, this institute offers a new virtual structure with weekly live sessions, and will help labor union and management teams focus on public education as a vehicle to social justice and democracy. This is a great opportunity to invite your district leaders, community partners, and student and parent leaders to be a part of your union-management-community virtual team. Learn more (registrations are due Feb. 4):
  • Wellness Wednesdays
    It’s time to reclaim our Wednesdays for our minds and our bodies. And so, back by popular demand, we are restarting AFT Share My Lesson’s free Wellness Wednesday Webinar series. Join us as we collectively work out our minds and bodies.
  • Living with Technology: Understanding our Digital Well Being
    Remote learning is changing education: how we teach, engage our students, the time we spend online, and student interactions. With this increase of technology use, educators must be aware of topics such as screen time, security (exp. “Zoombombing,” “Spoofing”), cyberbullying, social media, misinformation and disinformation (fake news). The Living with Technology: Understanding our Digital Well Being self-paced course aims to examine the evolving role of technology in student learning and the educator’s growing role in this. The content of the course focuses on familiarizing teachers with the crucial and timely technology topics mentioned above while giving powerful strategies and tools to help students conceptualize the digital environment that is increasingly becoming part of nearly every aspect of their lives. Participants will develop school resources, lessons, or a community event to share with students, staff, and/or families as a final project.  Sign up via Teachpoint! For more information click here.
  • Substance Use & Misuse Seminar

    Succeed Boston @ the Counseling & Intervention Center is excited to announce this opportunity for BPS STAFF to learn more about substance use and misuse. Marijuana is a common drug of choice for young people and altogether too easy to obtain.
    Throughout this workshop, education will occur surrounding updated statistics and the ways of consumption typically used by BPS students. This psycho educational workshop will review marijuana in its many forms (i.e. vaping, edibles, flower bud).
    In addition, participants will be presented with ways an adult can address marijuana use with a student and specific examples of how to navigate difficult conversations. The SUP workshop will provide treatment options for adolescents and families and introductory assessment tools to determine a student’s level of treatment need.
    We will make room for discussions throughout as well as answer any questions that may arise. Interested participants can register on TeachPoint.
    02/23, 03/09, 03/23, from 3 to 5 pm.
  • Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership 
    The Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership is now accepting applications for its 2021-2022 Cohort. By developing leaders from the perspectives of Educator, Artist, and Community Leader, PSi builds skills, capacity, and confidence to lead innovative, equitable, democratic schools and organizations that prioritize student agency and community partnership.
    You can learn more at PSi’s website and find the application here. Please share widely! The deadline to apply is April 26, 2021.
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