Published On: February 12, 2019

The Teacher Leadership Fund: What challenge do you want to solve?
We are excited to announce the call for proposals for year two of the Teacher Leadership Fund a feature of our contract which grants teams of educators up to $15,000 to create and share solutions which improve the learning and well-being of our most marginalized students. This year, we have two types of grants available:

  • Action Grants will support teams interested in designing and implementing an intervention to address a challenge impacting marginalized students.
  • NEW Study Grants will support teams interested in learning more about the various dimensions of an identified challenge impacting marginalized students and developing an action plan based on that learning.

See complete information about the program. Contact with questions. Applications are due April 1.

Online Resume Support
The BTU offers resume consultations and feedback via email. In order to take advantage of this service:

  1. Send your resume as an attachment to
  2. In the body of the email, explain what types of jobs you are seeking, any specific questions you have, and any specific types of feedback you are looking for.

We expect to be able to reply within 1-2 days, but demand fluctuates and we may take a bit longer.

NEW — Seeking Retired Educators to Support ELA and Science Teachers
BPS has a number of short term temporary coaching positions available for experienced former BPS educators and retirees. These positions are open now and compensation is $50/hr. See the job descriptions: Network ELA /Literacy Coach and Network Science Coach.

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