Published On: March 19, 2019

This is the week! We are BTU All-In and tomorrow we’ll turn out in power. Our strength has been growing as we’ve walked in at schools across the district for the last few weeks, joined at many schools by parents, students and community supporters. Tomorrow we rally! Please join us at the Bolling Building at 4:30 PM to call for the schools and contract our #StudentsDeserve.

Tomorrow we gather to fight for staffing for inclusion programs to meet the needs of our students with disabilities, a full-time nurse in every school, a full-time mental health professional in every school, smaller classes and pay equity and a living wage for our lowest paid educators.

Last Friday, the number of BTU members participating in Walk-Ins continued to grow as solidarity strengthened across all of our schools. Check out the overwhelming support at schools across the city! Let’s keep this momentum growing. See more at and please share our Facebook event with your friends and colleagues!

When we fight, our students win. See you Wednesday!

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